Do you ever want to dive beneath the surface and immerse yourself into unknown territory? But when you do, you notice something… As you go deeper, something is tugging you back to the surface. Either that, or you just run into a wall. It stops you and leaves you no choice but to go back […]

Love Thy Neigbor

I recently read a book called: LOVE THY NEIGHBOR: A Muslim Doctor’s Struggle For Home In Rural America. I haven’t felt this moved by a book since I read Love Does by Bob Goff. Dr. Ayaz Virji talks about the many misunderstandings that come with being Muslim. I can’t explain all the intricacies of this book. I […]


I sat in a coffee shop after school, working on my homework. I usually put in my headphones, but this time I didn’t. As I was doing my homework, I would pick up on pieces of the conversation from the people sitting in front of me. I was interested so I, admittingly, eavesdropped a bit. […]


I’m so scared to love  Because I am fearful of loss. I’m so scared to trust  Because I fear I’m not enough. I’m so scared to let go Because what if I do  And everything that happens Is everything I knew. I create visions in my head Of all that could go wrong. I see […]


I wonder if… we think you’re waiting for time’s sake, but you’re waiting for truth’s sake. things we think we can’t be, and yet we can’t change, so we pray them away. We reason, “Jesus would do the same!” But do we really know? I wonder why… so many people who spit hate and judgement, […]

Healed – a poem

In sparkling light, after you became a better man After you were a kid with good intentions but confusing actions You are glad you met her now, for back then you would have broken her heart You even admit it. She is more natural than your old self would have liked She is everything you […]

How I got to where I am now

“My feelings don’t line up, but I know God is doing something amazing. I know he is working things out right now as I wait. He is speaking things into existence. God, help me to enjoy this waiting period. I pray for consistency. But even if you don’t, my hope is you alone. Help me […]